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Information for visa

Visa Requirements
  • Visa: a single¬ entry visa obtained on arrival is required by all nationalities referred to in the chart above to enter Jordan. Nationalities not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for Jordan.

  • Free VISA: to obtain a free VISA to Jordan you must satisfy 3 conditions:
    1) Must stay in Jordan for over 48 hours
    2) Must have travel arrangements done through a travel agent in Jordan
    3) A copy of passports prior to arrival

  • You can also purchase the “Jordan Pass” which grants you an entree VISA and also allows you to make the most out of your trip visiting the top sights and attractions of Jordan whilst saving time, money, and effort (for more information please check this site:

  • As soon as you get off the plane a Dream Jordan representative will be waiting for you with a sign under your names to complete all airport procedures - This is dependent on the current legal conditions of Jordan (subject to change).

  • A single Entry visa is valid for one month: 40 JOD (approximately 58 USD).

  • Passports: To enter Jordan, a passport valid for at least six months is required by all nationalities referred to in the chart above.

  • Exit service fee (departure tax) applies for land and sea border points of 10.00 JD per passenger (approximately 14 USD).

  • The above policies also apply to children (if they carry a passport).
Terms & conditions for free GROUP collective visa
  • The number of participants in the trip must be 5 persons or more
  • Each person must hold a valid passport (more than six months until expiry)
  • The group must stay in Jordan a minimum of 2 nights (48 Hours)
  • Arrival and departure must be on the same date (Airport or Borders)
  • Escort Guide is required by law

Currencies and Visa Cards

Currency in Jordan
  • The most common foreign currency uses in Jordan are US Dollar & Euro, but we advise you to change to JOD (Jordanian Dinar) prior to your travel or on arrival.
  • The money exchange stores & ATMs are available and easy to access.
  • We advise you not to do a money exchange at the airport or hotels due to the low rate of exchange and high commissions.
Visa Cards
The most common credit cards used in Jordan are visa and master cards.

Please note that payment by credit cards incurs transaction fees adding to the total amount.

"Local Communities" The Common Things

  • Arabic is the main language
  • English is used as a second language
Tips policy (individuals up to five people)
Tipping for service is a tradition in Jordan, it’s not obligatory.
However, it is a way to show that you have been provided with great service.
  • Airport Representative: $5 per person
  • Driver: It’s around $5 per person per day
  • Escort-Guide: $10 per person
  • Hotels: $5 per person
  • Local Guides: $10 per person
  • Restaurants: $2 per person

Prohibited at the airport

Prohibited items
Items that are not allowed on a plane (Carry-on luggage):
Please check the link for more information:

Additional instructions about Jordan

The electricity current output is 220 volt, and there are mainly 2 types of outlets are C and G. If need be you can either bring an adapter or purchase it locally.
Drinking Water
  • Don’t drink tap water even in hotels. However, it can be used to brush your teeth and for bathing purposes.
  • Please drink mineral water only in commercial bottles.
  • We advise you to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated at all times to prevent dehydration in hot weather conditions.
Jordan has a combination of Mediterranean and arid desert climates, with the Mediterranean prevailing in the North and West of the country, while the majority of the country is a desert. Generally, the country has warm dry summers and mild wet winters. Annual average temperatures are ranging from 12 to 25 C (54 to 77 F) and summertime reaching 40 C (105-115 F) in the desert regions. Rainfall averages vary from 50 mm (1.97 inches) annually in the desert to 800 mm (31.5 inches) in the northern hills, some of which falls as snow in some years.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly or use antiseptic gel.
  • Much progress has been made regarding food hygiene at the hotels.
  • Beware of what you buy and consume on the street!
  • Make sure that you mention any specific food requirements (allergies, diets, etc.)


  • All the hotels offer laundry services for an extra charge.
  • We recommend light cotton clothing to wear in summer times, and we advise you to avoid shorts and miniskirts.
  • Bring swimsuits, hats, and sunglasses.
  • A small wool sweater or a large scarf, like air conditioning, can sometimes be excessive.
  • Sunscreen - high protection factor
  • Have a small pharmacy on you with essential items such as aspirin, dressings, Antiseptic cream, Imodium, antihistamine, etc.
  • Handkerchiefs and wet wipes.


Souvenirs & Shopping (Traditional Items)
Buying local goods while traveling is something everyone plans on doing. Tourists need to get an idea about what are the stuff they can have in their possession! Here is a list of interesting Jordan Souvenirs:

  • Sand Art in a Bottle
  • Mosaic Work
  • Ceramics & Hand Painted Pottery
  • Dead Sea Products
  • Wool Carpets – Hand Made

Recommended Tips for smooth trip

Good advices for hiking & materials you should bring during the trip
  • Hiking boots.
  • Backpack, sleeping bag, and emergency kit.
  • Warm clothing, because it gets cold during the night.
  • Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Power banks.
  • Plenty of drinking water to avoid getting dehydrated in the heat.

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